Sharing Stories: Sitting with God and his questions (Reflection)

God asks some big questions of men & women in the Bible, and nowadays, too. The fact that he engages with us shows his care for us. I went to a conference a few years back called When Women Speak, and I learned some powerful things about how women respond to religion and let it change them. This ministry is engaging with the Bible, with women across culture and the world.

I wanted to share a woman’s reflections on “listening to God through the questions he asked of women in the Bible” (Cathy, from WWS). Read as she spends time with God on those questions.

Where are you?
I am here Lord,
speak to me.
I get lost sometimes in my busyness,
with my life,
So I don’t come to you.
Please, look for me
and keep asking me this question.
Do not let me get lost
and go far away from you,
because I can….

Where have you come from?
remind me often
where I have come from
so I won’t get lost
in my pride,
in my ministry,
in my thoughts…
You have right
to remind me of my sins
but you choose not to, Lord.
Why not Lord?
My brain,
my thoughts,
cannot grasp your ways.
Help me to remember
I have come from
so I won’t get lost in my daily life.
– Where are you going?
I don’t know, Lord.
I think I know where,
I have plans,
But then I am lost again.
How can I go with you, Lord?
If you remain in Me
and I in you
you will bear much fruit;
apart from me you can do nothing…(John 15)
Abide in Me….

Read the rest here.

Review: Sorta Kinda Superpowered (Novel & Audio Book)

What would you do as a child if you suddenly had super-powers?

Welcome to the life of young Joses Gardner, who comes across a pin which bestows on him amazing abilities. Joses is a 12 year-old with normal, daily struggles at home and school, but who longs to see or even meet one of the “Enhanced”- people with super-human skills. A long line of Enchanced have graced the world with good deeds, with the last one being Dr. Superior. Out of the blue, he makes an appearance and performance in front of Joses and his friend Clovis! Soon after that, Dr. Superior disappears from public view, and Joses adopts a pin of great value. Joses will need to learn both the reason of his find and also how he ought to use his powers for the good of those around him.

One of the Enchanced, Captain Mighty

This story has great grounding in the day to day life of a normal boy, trying to make the best of what he has. It has fantastic elements to it, but shows how personal responsibility must bear weight over them. And that is the reason why I love this story. James Kennison has taken elements from his own childhood and made a novel of an engaging and relatable nature. It prompts questions like: What would our world be like with super-powered people in it? Would we be different? How would it change our behaviour? Would it still count what we believe about morals and God?

Written for 10-12 year olds, but interesting for the young at heart, Sorta Kinda Superpowered is a novel and audio book of both epic and down-to-earth proportions!

Check it out at Sorta Kinda Superpowered!

Stories I thought you’d like – Amazing footage that looks otherworldly!

I find a lot of amazing stories from around the world. They can inspire me to do great things or to think differently about people or a topic. Sometimes I share a mix of some of my favourites. So read on and enjoy.

If Only There were Someone Other than Izzy – Stephen Mcalpine – Length: 7 mins read

A pointed post about how there are other cases of shutting down of free speech. Israel Folou is not the only one, or the most relate-able.

Why We Can’t Love the Sinner but Hate the Sin? – Elias Ghazal (From ABTS) – Lenght: 10 mins read

[Gospel believing Christians] want to love their Muslim neighbors, but they stumble over what [they think] their neighbors believe. Effectively, they do not see a person. They see a religion; a defective religion. And to reconcile between their attitude and their faith, they claim to love the sinner, but hate the sin.

SPACE TO ROAM: DJI Mavic Pro 2 – Andrew Studer – Length: Just watch it 🙂

‘Space to Roam’ is a film inspired by all the unique structures, patterns, and overall “otherworldly” landscapes found in Southwestern America’s public lands in hopes of protecting them. This project is dedicated to the people who preserve the history of and protect our public lands. It is also in honor of ‘astronaut’ Kyle Hague’s grandmother who unfortunately passed away during production.

From the description of the video

For the Fun of It:

The Funniest Table Tennis Match in HISTORY – Official ITTF Channel – Length: 15 amazing minutes

Defending free speech for all is terribly hard, but there is hope

Why are good and right things never easy to do? We seem to struggle to live out our principles even at the best of times, but catch us on a bad day and we can utterly fail in that endeavour. Whether it’s standing with the helpless, defending someone’s rights, or holding back our road-rage, we know we are weak and in constant need of a radical heart-change. So whether you do or don’t support Israel Folou’s position or behaviour or court case, if you stand for free speech for all, you must be consistent in your stand. Israel Folou is infamously known for stating his beliefs on Instagram with a post about those in sinful lifestyles and that hell is awaiting them. Since then, his contract with Rugby Australia was terminated, after his actions were considered at a Code of Conduct hearing.

The Rugby Australia Integrity Unit deemed that Folau had committed a high-level breach of the Professional Players’ Code of Conduct warranting termination of his employment contract.

“Rugby Australia and the NSW Rugby Union made the decision to pursue the termination of Israel Folau’s contract because of a serious breach of the Professional Players Code of Conduct. The Rugby Australia Integrity Unit deemed that Folau had committed a high-level breach of the Professional Players’ Code of Conduct warranting termination of his employment contract. ” – RUGBY AUSTRALIA AND NSW RUGBY STATEMENT

NSW Warratahs

What has now followed has been a question of freedom of speech and whether Rugby Australia has breached fair work practices or laws by Folou’s sacking. Folou is currently seeking legal action for damages and, as he says, to defend his freedom of speech. He had a fundraiser to cover legal fees on GoFundMe, which was then subsequently removed by GoFundMe on the basis that it had violated their policy. The Australian Christian Lobby has since offered support to Folou and set up a fund for his legal fees.

Chief Executive Rob Solomon said Folau’s original request for donations was flagged as “high risk” within hours of going live with donations refunded in full.

He told News Corp Australia it was noted as “high risk” of violating its policies but said the company was “wide open for business” for religious causes.

Recently the online fundraising platform GoFundMe shut down Israel Folau’s legal defence fund and turned away hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations.

On behalf of the Australian Christian Lobby, I have spoken to Israel Folau to let him know that ACL will be donating $100,000 to his legal defence, because it’s right and it sets an important legal precedent.

I have also offered to host his online appeal for funds here on our website and he has accepted our offer.

Australian Christian Lobby

Do you find it hard to stand by your principles when you have to stand up for people you don’t agree with? Free speech for all is a nice concept, but will you defend your enemy in their right to say what they want to say? My guess is you would find it hard. We are complicated, contradictory people, and loving our enemies is probably the hardest thing we will ever do. On this issue of free speech some people wouldn’t have a big problem. But how about loving your enemy in general? Jesus had some pretty tough words to say to his followers about his kingdom:

“You have heard that it was said, ‘You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ But I say to you, Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, so that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven. For he makes his sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust.

Bible Gateway (Matthew 5:43-45)

Our standards seem pretty weak compared to the ones of the eternal kingdom. We can’t even keep our own standards. But that’s why Jesus came, so hypocrites, liars, drunks, homosexuals, adulterers, etc. like us could receive grace through his death and resurrection. And Jesus, the King of this coming eternal kingdom, has given us the Holy Spirit to help us want to do the right thing. Now if that doesn’t give you strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow, I don’t know what will. Keep fighting on behalf of your enemy!

Do you have thoughts or questions? Leave them down below! In terms of Folou, I’ve come across many a comment that this is not a freedom of speech issue. Regardless, my point stands, whose freedom of speech do you struggle to uphold?

I’ve donated my blood fifty times – you could do it too!

Have you ever reached a milestone you have been proud of? Maybe you finished something that took years or many long hours to do? This year I passed making 50 blood donations*. I’m not incredibly proud of this achievement, but when I consider all the decisions and efforts needed to get to that number, I am grateful for reaching it.

I just attended a celebration event with the Red Cross where people were thanked for donating blood and stories were shared of lives changed by donors. There were people there who had reached 50 donations, as well as 100, 150, up to 350 donations! The highest milestone in Western Australia this year was a person who donated over 700 times. It’s impressive how faithfulness to a cause can get you to reach such a point. It’s made me think how small steps over a long time can lead to great achievements. So here is my encouragement for you to continue or start a journey in faithfulness.

Pic: My dad and I, and a red blood cell

When I started my journey in donating blood I had no aspirations to reach a number, and I still don’t. It was just a matter of doing something I believed had value. It was something to do with family and something selfless to do for others. I was 17 or so when I first donated, and now I’m 28. Over that time I certainly wasn’t always a faithful visitor to the blood bank, but in the last couple of years I made a concerted effort to donate regularly. The numbers started to add up. It became a normal part of my routine. When I reached 50 donations, I was simply happy, as it was a sign I had been healthy and able to do that much.

*Most of these have been plasma donations, which meant I could donate every 2 weeks. Whole blood donations require a 3 month wait period between times.

Why am I commited?

I have many motivations for the different commitments in my life. With donating, I’ve found several. The more people I come across, the more I realise donating blood is an honour for the healthy and available. There are a plethora of reasons that much of my family finds it difficult to donate. I just happen to have big arm veins and healthy body and the willingness to do it. So I donate not just for myself, but also for those who can’t or find it hard.

At the Red Cross event we heard two very moving stories of the impact of blood and bone marrow products had on children and their families. It’s given me a renewed desire to give and to encourage others to do the same. One of the stories was from the Tate family. Their three children all have no immune system! They need blood transfusions every three weeks. Watch below for their experience:

What about you?

So I encourage you to find something worthwhile and sticking at it. It may be for a season of life or end up a lifelong commitment. For this post, may I encourage you to consider donating blood. It’s a relatively small commitment. For me, it takes at most 45 minutes to donate plasma, not including travel and the interview and health test. You will probably never meet the patient in need, but every person is worthy of the blood in their veins. Their family will be thankful.

I thank God for the way he has made us, so that we can help one another in this way. He is worthy of all the honour and glory I got at the event. My life, my blood, is not my own but was bought at a great price. So I must glorify the Lord in my body.

Head over to the Australian Red Cross Blood Service (or to your own national blood service) for more technical info and to book your donation!

Stories I Thought You’d Like – News Comedy Edition

“It’s a good time to be a comedian, it’s a bad time to live on Earth.”

Zac Mander – Collective Noun (The Courier Mail – “Midnight Hour Time to Shine”)

If you are on Youtube or other social media, you experience a 24-hour news cycle that churns out the good and bad in rapid measure. Comedians and other social commentators have a field day mining these feeds for things to draw out and use. Plus with the internet, there has never been better and easier exposure for comedians. As such there are plenty of new people every day to follow and enjoy. Here are some notable pieces and people for me.

Alternative Facts, Dead People – Songify the News 12 – Schmoyoho (Youtube) – Length: 3mins –In which the White House argues for some pretty messy stuff. Schmoyoho takes clips of stories and fits them into a song, often making fun of the content or the people displayed in it. They also know as the Gregory Brothers and have great artistry in using Autotune to create songs for the news.

Nightly News Now Episode 6: Warnie, Waves, & Winnings – Collective Noun (Youtube) – Length: 7mins — Part of a six episode series of a parody news show. Collective Noun is a late night radio show in Brisbane that has a bit of a following around the world, especially online with their podcast and social media accounts. Using the news to make games and other fun bits, Dom Fay and Zac Mander are two Aussies who use the serious to make the funny.

Homeowner Deters Package Thieves By Leaving Paul Washer In Box On Porch – Babylon Bee – Article Length: short — Paul Washer shows up to preach to a potential thief. Babylon Bee is a Christian satirical news site, initially written by Adam Ford, that hits hard across denominations and countries. It’s fun to laugh at the truth seen in the eyes of satire, but it also has the power to make you see your own hypocrisy.

Check these out, and I hope you have a great day not being overwhelmed by the news!

Stories I thought you should know – Christmas 2018

It’s been a big year for many people. There have been a lot of hard things to go through. There have also been a lot of great things to celebrate. I personally am happy to have been able to learn of some great stories coming out of the Middle East and Eastern Europe. There are also tragic stories I’ve heard, too. All this to say, here are some things this year (in no particular order) I thought you’d value.


Open Doors USA |Article – Length: 5 mins

“At least seven Christians have died and an additional 15 injured in Egypt today (Nov 2, 2018) after a violent attack on a group of Coptic pilgrims. The Christians were on their way to visit a desert monastery, when a group of masked gunmen stopped the bus and fired on it. The death toll is expected to rise.”

An Arab Evangelical Message to American Evangelicals

Arab Baptist Theological Seminary | Article – Length: 12 mins

” For millions of Muslims like Adel, Evangelical support for Israel and American foreign policy in the Middle East is a stumbling block for the Gospel. “

I Survived North Korea

SoulPancake (on Youtube) – Length: 6.20 mins

” Charles tells the story of his eventual escape from North Korea in 2008 at age 14. After a brief period of time in China at the age of 8, he was sent back to North Korea to work in a labor camp where he was starved and beaten… What have you survived?”

Pomplamoose – Living in a Bubble

Pomplamoose (on Youtube) – Length: 3.07 mins

How Open Doors Equips the Church in Nigeria

Open Doors USA |Video – Length: 3.44 mins

Kids Meet a Burn Survivor

Kid’s Meet|HiHo Kids – Length: 5.57 mins

This is a fascinating and moving encounter a burn survivor has with children.

New York Times – Length: Very Long

This photo-journal tells the stories of survivors and of the devastation of Aleppo, Syria. There is hope there, but it will be a long, long process of recovery. Note: There is limited free viewing of the NY magazine.

Love never fails

Tomorrow Clubs |Video – Length: 11:15

One of the latest, and right now, one of my favourite stories that I heard this year! Rostik’s story is one of tragedy and hope. Praise God.

Things I’ve Learned from India: Faithfulness and Gratefulness

In India I learned I should be more grateful and make more use of the Biblical teaching I’ve received.

I was in Tamil Nadu, India, 5 years ago, visiting the project and home of a child I sponsored. While at the project I was asked if I had a word for the children gathered there. I was put on the spot, but still wanted to encourage the children. I asked one of the staff to translate and read where Jesus allowed children to come near to him and be blessed. I said to them a little something about how God wanted us to have the faith of a child and that they could come to God at the age they were at. The staff were surprised at how well I seemed to understand the Bible and mentioned that to me a few times. After that, they honoured me with several opportunities to speak: at a pastors’ meeting, at a homeless outreach, and at a school assembly quickly arranged just for me!


Giving a small talk at the project

I had never felt that learned or able to speak well in front of people, but their confidence in me enabled me. It made me think about how studying the Bible under wise and studied pastors had been something I took for granted. While I certainly didn’t compare to the passionate faithfulness of the Indian people I met on my trip there, I certainly had better biblical training than many of them.

The manager for the child sponsorship and survival program there took an opportunity to tell me how she spent time with the Bible each day. She said she started the day with the Bible and ended the day with the Bible. Her faithfulness to daily growth stood out to me. Christians like her are remaining faithful despite many difficulties, and so I’m spurred on to remain faithful, too.

We need to be supporting our struggling brothers and sisters in India. Persecution continues to increase in India, being 11th in the Open Doors World Watch list, and pastors continually need good training and support. Organisations like Overseas Council are bringing lasting and quality support to strategic Bible Colleges in India. Make sure to check out how you can impact the work in India.

For myself, this experience challenged me to use what I’ve learned for the sake of others and God’s Kingdom.



A mountain range in Tamil Nadu

Thanks for reading! I’m looking forward to sharing more about what I’ve learned from India in the future. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them below.


You Can Provide Hope for the Middle East

There are many ways to encourage a fellow sibling in Christ. I just discovered one that utilizes an app and a few minutes of your time. Open Doors seeks to support the persecuted church around the world. Many Christians face extreme pressure for their faith, and OD provides help with training, practical support, and bibles and literature.

20180426_095939.jpgImagine there is someone you know in Syria who is a dear sister in Christ and is in need. How would you contact her safely? How about for her church or wider Christian community? The world of technology continues to grow and can provide for unique situations. OD has produced an app called Hope For ME that can be accessed by thousands of believers in the Middle East. They say it’s in order “to connect you with the persecuted church. We’re asking Christians around the world to write messages of hope that will appear on the app, encouraging persecuted believers.”

Have you ever received a letter or message from loving family or a friend and not been greatly encouraged? I can imagine this is how people might view a message from you on this app. I made a happy discovery of this service last night, and wanted to share it with you. So make some time, just like you have in reading this, and send a brief message to encourage your family in the Middle East. Click here to go over to the Open Doors website and leave a message.

Thanks for reading! Pete

Please note some requests by Open Doors:

  • Write in English
  • Be brief and encouraging
  • Please don’t mention Open Doors
  • Please don’t criticise a country or make proposals to help

Pic: A couple enjoys the bay in Alexandria, Egypt.

Stories I thought you’d like (Mid June)

There’s lots of cool stuff on the Internet. Here’s some I found recently.

Christian Living

Blessed Are The PersecutedOpen Doors Live (Podcast) – Length: 22 mins

“James talks about a woman who spent 2 years in a metal shipping container for her faith. Mike shares some audio he recorded from an underground church in China. But they both ask the same question: Can Jesus be seen in my life, and is it a blessing to be persecuted?”



Patient Story – Tarryn Vallance – Royal Flying Doctor Service – Length: 3 mins read

I know Tarryn as a battler of a woman. She went through so much with her accident and her recovery. I met her on a beach mission and was so encouraged to see her attend 6 months after her near-death experience. She is a practicing nurse now.



Review: The Bible Project – Brilliant but Flawed – Richard Sweatman (Gospel Coalition Australia) – Length: 12 mins read

“What is lacking is any explanation of the cross as a propitiation, that is, a sacrifice that turned away the wrath of God against sinful humanity.”



“INTERROGATING ZUCKERBERG” — A Bad Lip Reading – Bad Lip Reading (Youtube) – Length: 5.47mins

“Tension mounted during Mark Zuckerberg’s congressional hearing…”