30 Days for $3000 – Fasting for Covid Relief

Too Long: Didn’t Read – I’m fasting for 30 days from Breakfast, Lunch, & Youtube to raise $3000 for Covid Relief. Support me on my Go Fund Me!

UPDATE: I’ve just surpassed my goal of $3000, reaching $3170 in donations! I have a new goal: $5000 – Thanks for your support!

I turned 30 in July. I suffered a bit at not having a big party. I like to have parties for my birthday, but it didn’t happen this year due to Covid. My parents and family helped celebrate my birthday with a low key, but very special party, anyway. One aspect to my recent parties has been fundraising for charities I support. This has been a joy to do and I wanted to go big this year. So for the month of September I’m going to raise awareness and funds for those doing it tough during Covid19. I’ll be doing this by fasting from food and video entertainment for 30 days!

I want to commemorate my 30th with something big and worthwhile. I can’t think of anything better to do than to fundraise for the vulnerable during Covid19.

Fasting from things I love is not an easy thing to do. I love food and Youtube, probably too much. And that’s part of why I want to fast from them. I rely on them too much for my liking. I self medicate with snack food and many hours of entertainment, but never feel fulfilled. But I’m also fasting for people who don’t have what I have, including security in my home and job.

I will be highlighting many NGOs & other charities I trust and inviting friends and family to support them during my challenge. I want to share what I’ve learned from them and from stories from the field as well.

So what is the challenge?

I will be fasting for the month of September from all meals & snacks during the day, breaking the fast only at night for dinner. I will still be drinking water and other fluids throughout the day. I will be fasting from all forms of video entertainment, including Youtube & Netflix, unless I watch with someone else.

If I fail in any way, for each day I fail, I will pledge $30 to my total giving. And what is my goal? $3000

The funds will be evenly distributed between 4 charities. If you’d prefer to give to another charity, do that and let me know, and I’ll still acknowledge your giving in the total.

I’m raising funds for Compassion Australia, Overseas Council Australia, Tomorrow Clubs, and Open Doors. 

My posts about their campaigns:

Compassion Australia

Overseas Council Australia

Tomorrow Clubs

Open Doors

I will be updating here on how I’m going and what I’m learning.

How can you be involved?

Support me now on Go Fund Me with a one off donation / pledge to support me throughout the month. If you have my personal bank details, please use them instead, as there are fees to cover with Go Fund Me*.

You could give $300 or $30 or $3 for the month!

You could pledge to support me for every day I succeed in the fast – maybe $1 to $3 a day! I’ll make sure to tally up the days for you at the end.

You could also just follow and give your support through prayer and encouragement. I will value that just as much!

*2.2% Transaction fee + $0.30 per donation

What’s next?

Follow my blog as I share my journey and about some of my favourite charities and what they are doing during the pandemic to further help the people they serve.

I’ll be mentally preparing for September, as well as writing about my 30 years on earth and what I’ve learned. Stay tuned! For Christ the King (Christus Rex)

Go Fund Me Link

Urgent Relief* to Vulnerable Believers – Open Doors Australia

I’m fundraising during September for Covid19 Relief for people around the world. Check out what I’m doing here.

*Not directly Covid19 Relief. More on that below.

Who are Open Doors?

Open Doors is a Christian organization, founded in the Netherlands by Brother Andrew. Open Doors is now run around the world to support Christians who are persecuted for their faith. Each year OD releases a highly researched and widely used World Watch List , categorizing the 50 most difficult places to live as a Christian. Open Doors Australia seeks to inform Aussies about the persecuted church, to hear their stories, encouraging us to pray for and support them.

Why I love the work

I love to pray for the world-wide church. Knowing that many of my brothers and sisters suffer strong pressure for their faith makes me grateful for mine, and want to support them. One thing they do each year is during Ramadan they run an event called A Dedicated Faith.

I help run a day of fasting and prayer, ending with a dinner. I love this event and will do it every year. I love to pray for the Muslim world and have visited several countries with majority Muslim people. There are many ways to get involved with ODA, and you will find yourself growing and learning a lot.

What is Open Doors doing for those in need during Covid19?

Emily from ODA says that while they don’t have a project “solely aimed towards people suffering from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a lot of overlap since that is a huge factor in the support needed for these believers.”

I’ve decided to support their project Urgent Relief to Vulnerable Believers, and “This worldwide project is designed to support victims of persecution though relief projects. Most recipients have either suffered direct violent acts of persecution, or been forced to leave their home due to the threat of attacks. The assistance our local partners offer includes the provision of basic supplies (ie, food, medicine, and housing) and safe houses.

Check out my original post for more info about my fast.

Quick Fundraiser Update – Day 17

For the month of September I’m raising funds for different charities who are helping those doing it tough in this pandemic.


What a day. It was a solid day of work. I finished a bit before 6, and then helped my mum with picking up some cupboards. I was quite hungry by the time we got back!

But that’s all in the past as I move to the tally!


This is a quick update and tally to inform you that I’ve reached my goal, and more!

Total days I failed: 2

Donations: $3170!!!

Thanks to everyone who has pledged and donated! Your generosity will be a great blessing to many. Let’s keep it up. I’m aiming for $5000 now!

Total Tally: $3230* as of 10:30pm, 17th September

* I donate $30 every day I fail in some way to fast.

Thoughts from the Hunger Zone

No man is an archipelago. Whatever that means. We all need each other, and this fundraiser and personal challenge is no different. I’ve been hugely blessed in my 30 years on earth by many people. Babysitters, teachers, parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, siblings, pastors, old and wise friends, best friends, sponsor children, singers, comedians, leaders… they have all played a part. So thank you for being part of my life. You’ve changed it for the better. Pete

Hungry Families, Thirsty Souls! – Tomorrow Clubs’ Covid19 Appeal

Pic: Happy Easter from the Tomorrow Clubs

For the month of September I’m raising funds for different charities who are helping those doing it tough in this pandemic. Tomorrow Clubs International is one of them.

What are Tomorrow Clubs?

Tomorrow Clubs are volunteer-run kids clubs, spread throughout 10 countries in Eastern Europe. They were funded by American missionaries (through HOPE International), and eventually supported from around the world. The funds support rent, training, and other necessities for the clubs to exist. It is an effort from churches to connect with the local community and share the Gospel with them. Families often have a very low socio-economic position due to many factors. They face unemployment, drug addiction, crime, etc. These clubs are run to offer hope and friendship and a sense of community. They offer food and activities, along with Christian songs and teaching, with Godly leaders to mentor the kids. With the organisation being 20 years old, many current volunteers were once kids in the program, and now serve their local area.

Why I love the work:

I love children. I love their curiosity and energy. And I love seeing kids being supported and given hope. Having discovered Tomorrow Clubs about 6 years ago, I got behind the idea of helping kids connect to their community. The volunteer leaders serve and encourage the children, enabling them to live a full life and to know Jesus, who gives hope. It is un-apologetically a Christian charity, but reaches the children and families where they are at, not pressuring a confession or church attendance. The last thing I want is children feeling pressured into any decision, especially by people they have come to trust.

What am I raising funds for?

I’ll leave it to their website to explain their Covid response:

Lockdowns have ended but the problems facing the vulnerable families we serve have not. Because lack of food is still an issue for many, we are creating a Hunger Fund to provide access to staple food items for the most needy families and in some places, meals for kids.

Each donation of $20 to the Hunger Fund will supply basic food items for a family of four for a month. A gift of $20 will also provide a nutritious meal for about 20 kids at a weekly club meeting.


Check out my fundraising post!

Fundraiser Update: Day 12

Photo by ready made on Pexels.com

So you know, I am fasting for the month of September from Breakfast, Lunch, & Youtube. I’m raising $3000 for Covid Relief with 4 charities. Check out my initial post about it.


It’s day 12, and it’s a Saturday, and I’m craving me some comfort food! Weekend fasting is more difficult than fasting during the week. It’s harder because I’m home and there’s less to distract me from hunger cravings. I also have very easy access to the kitchen and TV. I know it’s possible, though, and I have to remember why I’m doing it as well. People are suffering greatly around the world from all manner of issues and I’m just hungry. I know I can expect a feed for dinner and I can have all the drinks I like during the day. My body is still unhappy though!


So, it’s my first tally of the month!

Days I’ve failed: 2

The first day I failed was due to needing to eat before and after my blood donation. I was not going to get unwell due to fasting and donating. The second time was yesterday, when I was offered a cookie. It was a nice cookie.

Donations: $135

Thanks to my kind donor! Please get on board and support some great causes. Head over to my Go Fund Me page and give there.

Total: $195*

* I donate $30 per day I fail in some way to fast.

Thoughts from the Hunger Zone

Fasting is tough. But we usually have a few reasons to suffer so. We might put aside our bodily desires to seek other people’s wellbeing. We also usually fast to become better at denying ourselves in the future. Touch challenges can also be connected to fundraising. The 40 hour famine with World Vision is a fundraiser that involves self denial for 40 hours. Business leaders get a chance to raise awareness and fundraising for homelessness by sleeping overnight in the street with Vinnies’ CEO Sleepout.

Fasting is not a new trend, though. In Bible times people fasted to draw closer to God or while calling on him to help their situation. The Old Testament law called on fasts throughout the Israelite calendar. So I’m not alone in my journey. Many have gone before and for different reasons. May I use this opportunity for good. Pete

Read my post about what I’m doing and who I’m doing it for.

Shoulder to Shoulder Strategy – Overseas Council Australia’s Covid19 Appeal

OCA’s appeal banner image

For the month of September I’m raising funds for different charities who are helping those doing it tough in this pandemic. Overseas Council is one of them.

What is Overseas Council Australia?

OCA is a strategic support organisation for evangelical Bible Colleges in the Pacific, Asian, African and Middle Eastern regions. By assessing and targeting specific needs with much imput from each Bible College OCA enables these institutions to grow and be sustainable. They provide funds, expert counselling, and training opportunities for staff and students. If a college needs a bigger selection of library books, OCA will appeal to it’s supporters for that project. If students needs sponsors, they will have a profile put together on their behalf. The supporters also get a lot out of it, with a newsletter giving different perspectives of ministry from the students and staff.

Why I love OCA:

I support a student studying in Jordan. Over the years two other students have graduated with my support and prayers. I was able to visit Jordan two years ago and meet both of them. What a privilege to be able to part of their journeys! Meeting them and other students in the Middle East and in Indonesia, I have been struck by their dedication and sense of God’s calling. In my mind, I’m just helping them in a small way to serve in their communities. OCA is a great way to connect me with Bible college students and staff and the work being done locally there.

What am I raising funds for?

OCA is running a Covid strategy that will be helping in the short term, as well as the long term. Check out the full details here: Shoulder to Shoulder Strategy. My focus is on the disaster in Beirut, where there was a chemical explosion affecting many lives and homes. The Arab Baptist Theological Seminary is providing temporary shelter and facilities to up to about 200 people. Look at OCA’s appeal here: Beirut Emergency Appeal

Check out my fundraising post!

“We Rise as One” – Compassion Australia & Covid19

For the month of September I’m raising funds for different charities who are helping those doing it tough in this pandemic. Compassion is one of them.

What is Compassion Australia?

Compassion Australia is part of a global movement to help release children from poverty in the name of Jesus. They use a holistic approach to the problem, by addressing the social, mental, spiritual and physical needs of the children and their families. They are partnering with Australian churches and individuals to sponsor children and to support their communities. Working with local, evangelical churches, they fund project centres, which provide after-school activities, healthcare (through local doctors), mentoring, meals, and life-skills.

Why do I love it?

Being able to support the poorest of the poor is a real joy. Having given through Compassion for over 12 years, I have always been impressed with their accountability, special care for poverty-stricken children and their families, and the hope that they provide. I started with support for one child, with a few dropping out of the program. Concurrently I have support for four children and I have visited them all at one point. I love the connection I can have with these precious souls and their families. The work is sound and the accountability above reproach.

Me with Alfa and Oflian, two very sweet Indonesian children I get to sponsor

“We Rise as One”

What is Compassion doing to combat the effects of Covid19? They ran a fundraiser in June for short term emergency aid and long term support, reaching about 2 million dollars. Their campaign is called “We rise as one“.

I’ll share a message from Sydney Muisyo, Senior Vice President of Global Program, Compassion International:

“FOR MILLIONS OF PEOPLE IN LOW-INCOME NATIONS, THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC HAS THE POTENTIAL TO UNDO OVER A DECADE OF DEVELOPMENTAL AND HUMANITARIAN EFFORTS IN REGIONS OF THE WORLD that—even in the best of times—have to contend with economic crises, inequality gaps between the few rich and majority poor, child exploitation and abuse, health challenges and compromised healthcare systems, and food insecurity, just to name a few.

If there was a perfect storm in the worst possible way, this is surely it. At a time when the high-income nations of the world are facing significant challenges themselves, I cannot overemphasise the urgent need to support the countries we work in—first to weather this crisis and then to rebuild resiliency. As with most crises, I fear that vulnerable children are yet again going to pay the highest price.”

May we not be found to have been lacking in support at the most important time.

Check out my post about what I’m doing this September about it!

Sharing Stories: Sitting with God and his questions (Reflection)

God asks some big questions of men & women in the Bible, and nowadays, too. The fact that he engages with us shows his care for us. I went to a conference a few years back called When Women Speak, and I learned some powerful things about how women respond to religion and let it change them. This ministry is engaging with the Bible, with women across culture and the world.

I wanted to share a woman’s reflections on “listening to God through the questions he asked of women in the Bible” (Cathy, from WWS). Read as she spends time with God on those questions.

Where are you?
I am here Lord,
speak to me.
I get lost sometimes in my busyness,
with my life,
So I don’t come to you.
Please, look for me
and keep asking me this question.
Do not let me get lost
and go far away from you,
because I can….

Where have you come from?
remind me often
where I have come from
so I won’t get lost
in my pride,
in my ministry,
in my thoughts…
You have right
to remind me of my sins
but you choose not to, Lord.
Why not Lord?
My brain,
my thoughts,
cannot grasp your ways.
Help me to remember
I have come from
so I won’t get lost in my daily life.
– Where are you going?
I don’t know, Lord.
I think I know where,
I have plans,
But then I am lost again.
How can I go with you, Lord?
If you remain in Me
and I in you
you will bear much fruit;
apart from me you can do nothing…(John 15)
Abide in Me….

Read the rest here.

Review: Sorta Kinda Superpowered (Novel & Audio Book)

What would you do as a child if you suddenly had super-powers?

Welcome to the life of young Joses Gardner, who comes across a pin which bestows on him amazing abilities. Joses is a 12 year-old with normal, daily struggles at home and school, but who longs to see or even meet one of the “Enhanced”- people with super-human skills. A long line of Enchanced have graced the world with good deeds, with the last one being Dr. Superior. Out of the blue, he makes an appearance and performance in front of Joses and his friend Clovis! Soon after that, Dr. Superior disappears from public view, and Joses adopts a pin of great value. Joses will need to learn both the reason of his find and also how he ought to use his powers for the good of those around him.

One of the Enchanced, Captain Mighty

This story has great grounding in the day to day life of a normal boy, trying to make the best of what he has. It has fantastic elements to it, but shows how personal responsibility must bear weight over them. And that is the reason why I love this story. James Kennison has taken elements from his own childhood and made a novel of an engaging and relatable nature. It prompts questions like: What would our world be like with super-powered people in it? Would we be different? How would it change our behaviour? Would it still count what we believe about morals and God?

Written for 10-12 year olds, but interesting for the young at heart, Sorta Kinda Superpowered is a novel and audio book of both epic and down-to-earth proportions!

Check it out at Sorta Kinda Superpowered!