Review: Sorta Kinda Superpowered (Novel & Audio Book)

What would you do as a child if you suddenly had super-powers?

Welcome to the life of young Joses Gardner, who comes across a pin which bestows on him amazing abilities. Joses is a 12 year-old with normal, daily struggles at home and school, but who longs to see or even meet one of the “Enhanced”- people with super-human skills. A long line of Enchanced have graced the world with good deeds, with the last one being Dr. Superior. Out of the blue, he makes an appearance and performance in front of Joses and his friend Clovis! Soon after that, Dr. Superior disappears from public view, and Joses adopts a pin of great value. Joses will need to learn both the reason of his find and also how he ought to use his powers for the good of those around him.

One of the Enchanced, Captain Mighty

This story has great grounding in the day to day life of a normal boy, trying to make the best of what he has. It has fantastic elements to it, but shows how personal responsibility must bear weight over them. And that is the reason why I love this story. James Kennison has taken elements from his own childhood and made a novel of an engaging and relatable nature. It prompts questions like: What would our world be like with super-powered people in it? Would we be different? How would it change our behaviour? Would it still count what we believe about morals and God?

Written for 10-12 year olds, but interesting for the young at heart, Sorta Kinda Superpowered is a novel and audio book of both epic and down-to-earth proportions!

Check it out at Sorta Kinda Superpowered!

That Story Show! – Keeping It Real & Real Funny

Stories have always had an appeal for me. Whether it was growing up with fictional adventures in books or movies or real-life ones from around the world, I love stories. I even made a couple of my own short stories over my school years. After discovering the world of podcasts, my search led me to ones that told funny true-life tales. I found there were a couple of clean comedy podcasts to enjoy, and I was set.

A podcast I’d like to share with you is That Story Show (Formally Nobody’s Listening). It’s a show that ran from 2006-2016 with 260 episodes. It’s creator is James Kennison, who was a children’s pastor at one point, and he had a range of co-hosts, including his brother David and friends, plus other guests.

The Rundown

In the show, the typical format is of a Weekly Update section, then Featured Story, and Listener Stories. There is then a Recap Song at the end to run over some key stories of the podcast. James and his guests start by sharing funny things that happened during the week, and bounce off one another with similar experiences. The featured story tends to be from the hosts, but could be a special one from a listener. Throughout the show James interjects with quick one-liner puns or comments, infusing each moment with energy.


The dynamic nature of having two or more people on a podcast is what can make (or break) a podcast, and this show really works well with multiple hosts. As brothers, James and David had shared experiences, and were able to present the humour from both sides. Each co-host provides different perspectives and stories. I have yet to listen to all the 260 episodes with all the different co-hosts, so more fun is yet to be had! The longest running co-host was John Steinklauber, who was around for about 140 episodes. He stands out as my current favourite co-host with his genuineness, funny voices and laugh.

What I Enjoy


James Kennison, host of That Story Show

One thing I value from the show is the hilarity of hearing awkward true-life stories told in interesting ways. I love good story-telling, and this show does it well. There is never a dull moment. Another thing I value is James’ openness to talk about being sick. From 2012 to 2014 he suffered through extreme depression with multiple disorders and stopped the podcast. Yet once on the road to recovery, James started That Story Show up again, and was able to share bits here and there about his experience. I’m grateful he didn’t hide his health troubles and was able to return eventually to making people laugh, and maybe getting a bit of joy back from it, too. That’s all testament to the support of his family and wife, whom he thanks in each episode with, “…thanks to our spouses for letting us record…,”. The public face of a podcast are the hosts, who get the praise, but the silent support of their family and spouses normally doesn’t get noticed or appreciated. I like that this podcast acknowledged that support each week.

Some Things To Know

That Story Show contains an abundance toilet-humour and the hosts are also not afraid to poke a lot of light-hearted fun at how Christians act and think. While I think these are good reasons to enjoy it, I can imagine they might put you off. While the show was running, there were months and years of long silence due to James’ sickness, etc., but listening to it now you won’t have the frustration of waiting for a new show!

If you’d like to check out That Story Show, or another podcast of James Kennison’s, hop over to for his full list. I’m sure you could find one right for you!

Thanks for reading!

NOTE: Pics taken from Sticher and James Kennison’s website.