Things I’ve Learned from India: Faithfulness and Gratefulness

In India I learned I should be more grateful and make more use of the Biblical teaching I’ve received.

I was in Tamil Nadu, India, 5 years ago, visiting the project and home of a child I sponsored. While at the project I was asked if I had a word for the children gathered there. I was put on the spot, but still wanted to encourage the children. I asked one of the staff to translate and read where Jesus allowed children to come near to him and be blessed. I said to them a little something about how God wanted us to have the faith of a child and that they could come to God at the age they were at. The staff were surprised at how well I seemed to understand the Bible and mentioned that to me a few times. After that, they honoured me with several opportunities to speak: at a pastors’ meeting, at a homeless outreach, and at a school assembly quickly arranged just for me!


Giving a small talk at the project

I had never felt that learned or able to speak well in front of people, but their confidence in me enabled me. It made me think about how studying the Bible under wise and studied pastors had been something I took for granted. While I certainly didn’t compare to the passionate faithfulness of the Indian people I met on my trip there, I certainly had better biblical training than many of them.

The manager for the child sponsorship and survival program there took an opportunity to tell me how she spent time with the Bible each day. She said she started the day with the Bible and ended the day with the Bible. Her faithfulness to daily growth stood out to me. Christians like her are remaining faithful despite many difficulties, and so I’m spurred on to remain faithful, too.

We need to be supporting our struggling brothers and sisters in India. Persecution continues to increase in India, being 11th in the Open Doors World Watch list, and pastors continually need good training and support. Organisations like Overseas Council are bringing lasting and quality support to strategic Bible Colleges in India. Make sure to check out how you can impact the work in India.

For myself, this experience challenged me to use what I’ve learned for the sake of others and God’s Kingdom.



A mountain range in Tamil Nadu

Thanks for reading! I’m looking forward to sharing more about what I’ve learned from India in the future. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them below.