Sharing Stories: Sitting with God and his questions (Reflection)

God asks some big questions of men & women in the Bible, and nowadays, too. The fact that he engages with us shows his care for us. I went to a conference a few years back called When Women Speak, and I learned some powerful things about how women respond to religion and let it change them. This ministry is engaging with the Bible, with women across culture and the world.

I wanted to share a woman’s reflections on “listening to God through the questions he asked of women in the Bible” (Cathy, from WWS). Read as she spends time with God on those questions.

Where are you?
I am here Lord,
speak to me.
I get lost sometimes in my busyness,
with my life,
So I don’t come to you.
Please, look for me
and keep asking me this question.
Do not let me get lost
and go far away from you,
because I can….

Where have you come from?
remind me often
where I have come from
so I won’t get lost
in my pride,
in my ministry,
in my thoughts…
You have right
to remind me of my sins
but you choose not to, Lord.
Why not Lord?
My brain,
my thoughts,
cannot grasp your ways.
Help me to remember
I have come from
so I won’t get lost in my daily life.
– Where are you going?
I don’t know, Lord.
I think I know where,
I have plans,
But then I am lost again.
How can I go with you, Lord?
If you remain in Me
and I in you
you will bear much fruit;
apart from me you can do nothing…(John 15)
Abide in Me….

Read the rest here.

Stories I thought you’d like – Amazing footage that looks otherworldly!

I find a lot of amazing stories from around the world. They can inspire me to do great things or to think differently about people or a topic. Sometimes I share a mix of some of my favourites. So read on and enjoy.

If Only There were Someone Other than Izzy – Stephen Mcalpine – Length: 7 mins read

A pointed post about how there are other cases of shutting down of free speech. Israel Folou is not the only one, or the most relate-able.

Why We Can’t Love the Sinner but Hate the Sin? – Elias Ghazal (From ABTS) – Lenght: 10 mins read

[Gospel believing Christians] want to love their Muslim neighbors, but they stumble over what [they think] their neighbors believe. Effectively, they do not see a person. They see a religion; a defective religion. And to reconcile between their attitude and their faith, they claim to love the sinner, but hate the sin.

SPACE TO ROAM: DJI Mavic Pro 2 – Andrew Studer – Length: Just watch it 🙂

‘Space to Roam’ is a film inspired by all the unique structures, patterns, and overall “otherworldly” landscapes found in Southwestern America’s public lands in hopes of protecting them. This project is dedicated to the people who preserve the history of and protect our public lands. It is also in honor of ‘astronaut’ Kyle Hague’s grandmother who unfortunately passed away during production.

From the description of the video

For the Fun of It:

The Funniest Table Tennis Match in HISTORY – Official ITTF Channel – Length: 15 amazing minutes

Stories I Thought You’d Like – News Comedy Edition

“It’s a good time to be a comedian, it’s a bad time to live on Earth.”

Zac Mander – Collective Noun (The Courier Mail – “Midnight Hour Time to Shine”)

If you are on Youtube or other social media, you experience a 24-hour news cycle that churns out the good and bad in rapid measure. Comedians and other social commentators have a field day mining these feeds for things to draw out and use. Plus with the internet, there has never been better and easier exposure for comedians. As such there are plenty of new people every day to follow and enjoy. Here are some notable pieces and people for me.

Alternative Facts, Dead People – Songify the News 12 – Schmoyoho (Youtube) – Length: 3mins –In which the White House argues for some pretty messy stuff. Schmoyoho takes clips of stories and fits them into a song, often making fun of the content or the people displayed in it. They also know as the Gregory Brothers and have great artistry in using Autotune to create songs for the news.

Nightly News Now Episode 6: Warnie, Waves, & Winnings – Collective Noun (Youtube) – Length: 7mins — Part of a six episode series of a parody news show. Collective Noun is a late night radio show in Brisbane that has a bit of a following around the world, especially online with their podcast and social media accounts. Using the news to make games and other fun bits, Dom Fay and Zac Mander are two Aussies who use the serious to make the funny.

Homeowner Deters Package Thieves By Leaving Paul Washer In Box On Porch – Babylon Bee – Article Length: short — Paul Washer shows up to preach to a potential thief. Babylon Bee is a Christian satirical news site, initially written by Adam Ford, that hits hard across denominations and countries. It’s fun to laugh at the truth seen in the eyes of satire, but it also has the power to make you see your own hypocrisy.

Check these out, and I hope you have a great day not being overwhelmed by the news!

You Can Provide Hope for the Middle East

There are many ways to encourage a fellow sibling in Christ. I just discovered one that utilizes an app and a few minutes of your time. Open Doors seeks to support the persecuted church around the world. Many Christians face extreme pressure for their faith, and OD provides help with training, practical support, and bibles and literature.

20180426_095939.jpgImagine there is someone you know in Syria who is a dear sister in Christ and is in need. How would you contact her safely? How about for her church or wider Christian community? The world of technology continues to grow and can provide for unique situations. OD has produced an app called Hope For ME that can be accessed by thousands of believers in the Middle East. They say it’s in order “to connect you with the persecuted church. We’re asking Christians around the world to write messages of hope that will appear on the app, encouraging persecuted believers.”

Have you ever received a letter or message from loving family or a friend and not been greatly encouraged? I can imagine this is how people might view a message from you on this app. I made a happy discovery of this service last night, and wanted to share it with you. So make some time, just like you have in reading this, and send a brief message to encourage your family in the Middle East. Click here to go over to the Open Doors website and leave a message.

Thanks for reading! Pete

Please note some requests by Open Doors:

  • Write in English
  • Be brief and encouraging
  • Please don’t mention Open Doors
  • Please don’t criticise a country or make proposals to help

Pic: A couple enjoys the bay in Alexandria, Egypt.

Stories I thought you’d like (Mid June)

There’s lots of cool stuff on the Internet. Here’s some I found recently.

Christian Living

Blessed Are The PersecutedOpen Doors Live (Podcast) – Length: 22 mins

“James talks about a woman who spent 2 years in a metal shipping container for her faith. Mike shares some audio he recorded from an underground church in China. But they both ask the same question: Can Jesus be seen in my life, and is it a blessing to be persecuted?”



Patient Story – Tarryn Vallance – Royal Flying Doctor Service – Length: 3 mins read

I know Tarryn as a battler of a woman. She went through so much with her accident and her recovery. I met her on a beach mission and was so encouraged to see her attend 6 months after her near-death experience. She is a practicing nurse now.



Review: The Bible Project – Brilliant but Flawed – Richard Sweatman (Gospel Coalition Australia) – Length: 12 mins read

“What is lacking is any explanation of the cross as a propitiation, that is, a sacrifice that turned away the wrath of God against sinful humanity.”



“INTERROGATING ZUCKERBERG” — A Bad Lip Reading – Bad Lip Reading (Youtube) – Length: 5.47mins

“Tension mounted during Mark Zuckerberg’s congressional hearing…”

Stories I Thought You’d Like (Early June)

I enjoy reading and listening to stories.  Here are some I found especially interesting in the past week or so.


Last year I was on the team to Lebanon with Justine.  She is an amazing woman with a great ministry and passion.  She is heading off to Jordan in October on a Muskathlon.  Her story is well worth the listen.

Rewriting the Story of the Starving Armenian– Taste –  10 min read

“What Americans didn’t know was that despite the moniker [of “starving Aremenian”], Armenian families like Kharmandalian’s had a rich food tradition that had been cultivated for eons.”

Christian Living

How To Love Your Wife As Christ Loved the Church – Tim Challies – 10 min read

“As a Christian husband, you are not left wondering or speculating about what it means to carry out your role in a way that pleases God and blesses your wife.  To the contrary, the Bible provides clear guidance: You are to love your wife as Christ loves his church.”


Almost Every Type of Crying – Tripp & Tyler (Youtube) – 3 1/2 mins watch

Stories I Thought You’d Like (Late May)

Every so often I hope to share with you some stories that stood out to me and may be of interest to you, too.

Christian Living

If I Were 22 Again – John Piper (Desiring God) Length: Medium

“…it seemed to me I should go in the direction of, “What are the most important things I would do at 22?” Not in the abstract, but the real me where I was and who I was in 1968. What if I started over with all the same circumstances in place?”

Introducing the Pain-Pleasure Worldview – David Williams (Gospel Coalition Australia) Length: Short

“Guilt-innocence is eroding as the worldview of western culture. I think we are moving from being a guilt-innocence culture to becoming a pain-pleasure culture.”

Bishop Michael Curry’s royal wedding sermon – CBS News (Youtube) Length: 13 mins

Curry’s sermon during the royal wedding of Harry and Meghan has many people buzzing for all sorts of reasons. Regardless of your opinion, it’s worth hearing it so you can use it as a springboard for conversation about the gospel. I’m now of mixed feelings about the content and delivery, but it’s doubtlessly entertaining, and hopefully useful.


Kellogg’s Introduces New Relient K Cereal – Babylon Bee – Length: Short

‘Relient K frontman Matt Theissen stated he was hopeful that this cereal would further the band’s career in a changing music industry. “I really hope this product will be my escape from the pop punk scene into a wider mass market audience.”’

Stories I Thought You’d Like – Early May

Every week or so I hope to share with you some stories that stood out to me and may be of interest to you, too.

Length: short

“The Syrian conflict has consumed the world’s news headlines since it began in March 2011. For Christians in Syria, the war that has lasted nearly eight years. And whilst the fighting isn’t over, we still believe there’s hope.

The Islamic State have been dispersed from their Syrian strongholds; the city of Aleppo is on its way to recovery; and Christians are returning home to parts of the country to rebuild their lives and their communities.

God has not given up on Syria.”

Easter In Iraq – Father George – Open Doors (Youtube)

Length: short

“This Easter is very important to the faithful in Qaraqosh. It is their first Easter after returning to this town. It is a big message also to the world. As Christ rose from the dead, also this congregation is rising from the ashes.”

 Why We Sent Our Children to Local State Schools – Fiona McLean (Gospel Coalition Australia blog)

Length: medium

“While it may not be the same in other countries, I believe that sending our children to local state schools in Australia is still a godly option, not a compromise that will damage our children, nor an abdication of our parental responsibility to raise our children to know and love God.”

The Ballad of Loki: Songify the Avengers – Schmoyoho (Youtube) –

Length: short

A mashup of Loki’s story in the Avengers. I’ve never watched the movies, but this was enjoyable enough.


Fancy something more in-depth? Check out a podcast episode I enjoyed:

Robin Bailey – No Filter with Mia Freedman ( –

Length: 29:59

‘”I just had no idea how traumatic was going to be. And what the fallout was going to be for everyone around us.”

Brisbane radio presenter Robin Bailey seemingly had it all. A husband, three beautiful kids and a successful career in radio and television.

Then her husband took his own life.’