Stories I Thought You’d Like – News Comedy Edition

“It’s a good time to be a comedian, it’s a bad time to live on Earth.”

Zac Mander – Collective Noun (The Courier Mail – “Midnight Hour Time to Shine”)

If you are on Youtube or other social media, you experience a 24-hour news cycle that churns out the good and bad in rapid measure. Comedians and other social commentators have a field day mining these feeds for things to draw out and use. Plus with the internet, there has never been better and easier exposure for comedians. As such there are plenty of new people every day to follow and enjoy. Here are some notable pieces and people for me.

Alternative Facts, Dead People – Songify the News 12 – Schmoyoho (Youtube) – Length: 3mins –In which the White House argues for some pretty messy stuff. Schmoyoho takes clips of stories and fits them into a song, often making fun of the content or the people displayed in it. They also know as the Gregory Brothers and have great artistry in using Autotune to create songs for the news.

Nightly News Now Episode 6: Warnie, Waves, & Winnings – Collective Noun (Youtube) – Length: 7mins — Part of a six episode series of a parody news show. Collective Noun is a late night radio show in Brisbane that has a bit of a following around the world, especially online with their podcast and social media accounts. Using the news to make games and other fun bits, Dom Fay and Zac Mander are two Aussies who use the serious to make the funny.

Homeowner Deters Package Thieves By Leaving Paul Washer In Box On Porch – Babylon Bee – Article Length: short — Paul Washer shows up to preach to a potential thief. Babylon Bee is a Christian satirical news site, initially written by Adam Ford, that hits hard across denominations and countries. It’s fun to laugh at the truth seen in the eyes of satire, but it also has the power to make you see your own hypocrisy.

Check these out, and I hope you have a great day not being overwhelmed by the news!

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